Thursday, August 29, 2013

Inspiring Packraft Videos


Using a packraft to travel across big wilderness will always be the soul of our sport. In July, Willem Vandoorne of Belgium spent 25 days on a solo journey through Southern Greenland. Willem's epic adventure exemplifies the spirit of packrafting and exploration.

Similarly, during the austral summer Jarek Wieczorek of Antofaya Expeditions completed in impressive 40-day unsupported packrafting expedition along the western side of the Northern Patagonian Ice Cap.


As packrafting equipment and techniques evolve the possibilities expand. Perhaps no one knows this better than Alaska's Luc Mehl. In January, after competing his quest to traverse North America's three highest mountains, Luc and partner Todd Tumolo pushed the limits of packrafting by descending many of Mexico's classic whitewater runs.

Home to many wilderness rivers and a culture that embraces adventure it's not surprising Tasmania has its own unique packrafting history. And the story is still being written. In March, Mark Oates wrote another chapter when he descended the Lea River with his wife Jen MacGibbon, his brother Andy, and Todd Blackhall.

Truly inspiring is the growing popularity of packrafting in India. Leading the charge is Zorba Laloo of Meghalaya's Eee Cee Hotel who's utilizing the sport of packrafting to promote river conservation and eco-tourism.


It's exciting to see Nathan Shoutis and Sam Perry of Media Feliz return to making packrafting videos. Their series of Packrafting 101 films are a must watch for both novice and veteran paddlers.


Ryan Jordan of Backpacking Light speaks out in support of packrafting access in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Please learn more about this important issue and become a member of the American Packrafting Association.

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