Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Salt River Range

Alpine walking, Wyoming style

Western Wyoming’s Salt River Range runs from north to south between the Salt and Greys rivers. The Range is wild and untrammeled, offering intrepid explorers ample opportunities for primitive and unconfined recreation. 

Studying the Map 

During Labor Day Weekend, 2011, my wife Amy McCarthy and I walked the crest of the Salt River Range from the Smith Fork Road on its southern end to the Squaw Creek Trailhead on its northern end.

Abundant Wildflowers

 An enticing ski couloir on an unnamed peak

 Summit of Mt. Fitzpatrick

Most of the range is included in a 241,494 acre Inventoried Roadless Area and in 2009 the Wyoming Range Legacy Act protected it from mining and energy development.

 Negotiating one of many sharp and narrow limestone ridges

 Adequate snow and water

 Supper Time

Looking South at Man Peak 

Lush and green, even in September 

 Wild and Rugged

 Miles of trail-less ridge walking

Cooling off soar feet

 Camp 2

 Heading North to Prater Mountain

 Map Check

 Amy scopes the final miles to Mount Stewart and the end of our traverse

Over three long days we walked approximately 55 rugged miles: about a third on maintained Forest Service trails, a third along deer trails, and the remaining third trail-less scrambling. In total we ascended over 18,500 feet and rarely dropped below 9,000 feet.

Salt River Range

This was originally posted in OuterLocal, September 7, 2011.


  1. Looks like gorgeous country.

    Why CiloGear (30L W/NW?) packs rather than your usual HMG porter? I don't see any ice axes or technical climbing. Why carry the extra ~2 oz. of weight?

    1. The traverse was done two years ago right before we got our first HMG Packs.

  2. Damn. I want mountains! Well, at least I'll get some hills, rivers and proper wilderness the next weerk. :)

    Max: I was thinking the same. Would this explain it? "During Labor Day Weekend, 2011 - -"